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rib pain related to autoimune here here  here

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possible sandals     here
Found at the Rei co.op in Greenville. Also shops in Raleigh have them.

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Greenville stuff
also The Bristol 975 Cleveland street,townhouse_type/34.82861,-82.38_ll/any_days/34.879242,-82.321329,34.801189,-82.478228_rect/12_zm/?view=map,townhouse_type/34.82861,-82.38_ll/any_days/34.879242,-82.321329,34.801189,-82.478228_rect/12_zm/?view=map

Also the YMCA s 
Many YMCA of Greenville locations have pools. The Caine Halter Family Y, and Greenville Health System Family Y have outdoor pools in the summer. In the fall and winter months, these pools remain open thanks to "The Bubble."
There are indoor pools located at the Caine Halter Family Y, Y Program Center - GHS, and the Eastside Y.
Our pools are mixed use. That means you're welcome to use them for recreation when programs are not using them. Every day, our pools host lap swimmers, swim lessons, swim league practices, aqua aerobics classes, and families enjoying free swim time together. We want everyone to enjoy our facilities safely. That's why we require a swim test for children younger than 14.

New homes 5 miles from church and y:

In Duncan  1.4 miles from tiger y and 5 miles from Jesus our Risen Saviour

we also like Eastbrooke Villas---cute one story craftsman style townhomes,condo,apartment_duplex,mobile,townhouse_type/67618180_zpid/27376_rid/100000-200000_price/380-760_mp/globalrelevanceex_sort/34.905167,-82.284701,34.886477,-82.314012_rect/14_zm/0_mmm/

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swimmer's ear prevention

I found this online but I didn't save the source:

isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar into your ear. Tilt your head so the solution gets to the bottom of the ear canal; then let the liquid drain out.. A mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 1 part rubbing alcohol may help promote drying and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that can cause swimmer's ear. Pour 1 teaspoon (about 5 milliliters) of the solution into each ear and let it drain back out. Similar over-the-counter solutions may be available at your drugstore

You can dry your ears with a blow dryer if you put it on the lowest setting and hold it at least a foot (about 0.3 meters) away from the ear.

Put cotton balls in your ears while applying products such as hair sprays and hair dyes

DO keep your ears as dry as possible.
  • Use a bathing cap, ear plugs, or custom-fitted swim molds when swimming to keep water out of your ears.
DO dry your ears thoroughly after swimming or showering.
  • Use a towel to dry your ears well.
  • Tilt your head to hold each ear facing down to allow water to escape the ear canal.
  • Pull your earlobe in different directions while your ear is faced down to help water drain out.
  • If you still have water in your ears, consider using a hair dryer to move air within the ear canal.
    • Be sure the hair dryer is on the lowest heat and speed/fan setting.
    • Hold the hair dryer several inches from your ear

also here:   lots of different advice --here is some:
Create your own ear drops by mixing a solution of 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent white vinegar. Carefully use an ear dropper to place a few drops into the affected ear. Gently rub the opening of the ear canal and wait 30 seconds. Tilt your head sideways to let the solution drain out. It may take a half hour or so for this remedy to work. The acid in the vinegar acts to break down earwax that may be holding water in the ear canal, while the alcohol evaporates water as it dries. Both white vinegar and rubbing alcohol kill germs, so this solution also helps fight infection. If you do not have white vinegar, you can substitute water in the solution, but be sure to use distilled water to avoid introducing any bacteria or minerals into the ear.

Hydrogen peroxide is another effective option to get rid of water in ear. Due to its effervescent property, hydrogen peroxide can easily remove the trapped fluid, along with ear wax and other debris from the ear canal. For this approach, use a dropper to place 4 drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into the affected ear. Allow it to settle for 1 or 2 minutes. Tilt your head sideways and allow the fluid to drain out easily

how to tie shoes for different problems

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Magnesium for muscle pain for Psoriatic Arthritis

In a discussion on facebook about taking magnesium for leg /muscle pain :

"Magnesium glutamate is what my endocrinologist 'recommend. I take 2 ,400 mg pills at bedtime. It jas been an amazing addition. It helps my sleep, it has taken away all of my nightly leg cramps. I really notice if I miss a dose. I see an endocrinologist for bone loss because of bone loss from steroids use. Love it. He said for magnesium to work correctly and to help with fibromyalgia pain, I need to take vitamin D3 and vitamin k with it. "

Others took about 500mg and some took 2  of the 500.  The one pictured below does not give diarrhea but it is about 150 mg for 2 pills and it says to take this amount 2x a day.


How much magnesium should you take?

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) includes the magnesium you get from both the food you eat and any supplements you take.
Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)
1-3 years
80 mg/day
4-8 years
130 mg/day
9-13 years
240 mg/day
14-18 years
360 mg/day
19-30 years
310 mg/day
31 years and over
320 mg/day
Under 19 years: 400 mg/day

19 to 30 years: 350 mg/day

31 years and up: 360 mg/day
Under 19 years: 360 mg/day

19 to 30 years: 310 mg/day

31 years and up: 320 mg/day
14-18 years
410 mg/day
19-30 years
400 mg/day
31 years and up
420 mg/day
It's safe to get high levels of magnesium from food. But excessive use of magnesium supplements can be toxic. The upper limit -- the highest dose a person can take -- of magnesium supplements is:
  • 65 mg/day for children ages 1-3
  • 110 mg/day for children ages 4-8
  • 350 mg/day for adults and children ages 9 and up

It also says "Overdose. Signs of a magnesium overdose can include nausea, diarrhea, low blood pressure, muscle weakness, and fatigue. At very high doses, magnesium can be fatal." says this:
How Much: Recommended dietary allowance (RDA) = 420 milligrams (mg) daily for men 31 and older; 320 mg for women. For best absorption, choose magnesium orotate, oxide or citrate.
Too Much: Tolerable upper limit (UL) = 350 mg.


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Methotrexate stuff

also this in regard to injections:  If it is single dose then room temperature. DO NOT, reuse after initially piercing the septum. Multi dose vials have preservatives that inhibit bacterial growth. Single dose doesn't, so it isn't safe to save the vi

Here is some comments on it: "At first I did have some nausea and flu like symptoms so my dr divided my dose over two nights. After about a month my body adjusted so I now take it at night around 9 PM and make sure I have something to eat like a banana or yogurt. I rarely suffer from any side effects. Once in a while I'll wake up with a little nausea but it is not a problem."

see also :  


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shells painted with sharpie

found this on facebook where the comment said:
Barbara Moloney Callen So, yeah. These are mine. I actually used a .25mm Micron drawing pen but many other have posted their efforts on Sanibel-Inspired Artisans using Sharpies. I sealed them with Mod Podge clear sealant spray. Carol Good's post below led me to this page which is just great and I will be following. The power of Facebook! smile emoticon

shell idea

Collected shells painted with Sharpie pen! Original source unknown.
Posted by Completely Coastal on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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osteoporosis stuff

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and text

Good link on Evista:

vitamin D controversy:
note--must have calcium levels checked before going on vit d see article above
note--estrogen is more likely to cause blood clots

The manfacturing of a disease:

psoriatic arthritis


eye problems:

Functional medicine docs


Humira help:
also there is this that someone told me about:  applied on the Humira website for the Humira complete card and only have a monthly copay of $10 thanks to Humira. Maybe try that. It helps a lot! Better than the $4,500 the pharmacy wants for it without my insurance covering it!

Also if you ice the area before injecting it helps reduce the pain

support group:

also for   on CBD

for eye drops:

Acupuncture :

Remember this---doctors office can give you it apparently

30 minute helpful exercise video


hearing problems caused by this disease: .

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a link to a good arthritis site      I couldn't pin the link so I am placing it here so I can have it on pinterest


also for

Here is a second one:

One person on facebook went off drugs and wrote this: My diet is actually a lifestyle change...I cut out gluten, processed foods, processed sugars, nightshade, red meat, I eat a lot of fruits nd veggies, juice a lot, I eat natural organic chicken with no hormones or antibiotics that's pasture fed nd raised, tuna, fresh caught fish, I drink 4 liters of alkaline water (fresh squeezed lemon water ) a day nd take supplements....I was once on 20 plus meds a day nd now take isn't for everyone nd.I deff respect that but I had some serious issues with meds...liver damage, cancer, hair loss, extreme fatigue, other auto immune diseases....

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testimony from ten people who were basically cured of their Arthritis by diet

Here is the link to the testimonies from ten people --at the link you can click on each name to get the full testimony.

see also this article that deals with osteoarthritis

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vegan type Shepherd pie

Shepherd's Pie
OMG! Veggie Shepherd’s Pie in 60 seconds. (From: Tasty)
Posted by The Humane Society of the United States - Farm Animal Protection Campaign on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

... ...  photo 06c0a94d-f0d4-4489-8242-390c96d58061.jpg ..

............ and..................  photo ca160ce1-210a-49fc-bea8-c03e99494153.jpg

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