Wednesday, February 24, 2016

shells painted with sharpie

found this on facebook where the comment said:
Barbara Moloney Callen So, yeah. These are mine. I actually used a .25mm Micron drawing pen but many other have posted their efforts on Sanibel-Inspired Artisans using Sharpies. I sealed them with Mod Podge clear sealant spray. Carol Good's post below led me to this page which is just great and I will be following. The power of Facebook! smile emoticon

shell idea

Collected shells painted with Sharpie pen! Original source unknown.
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Friday, February 12, 2016

osteoporosis stuff

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Good link on Evista:

vitamin D controversy:
note--must have calcium levels checked before going on vit d see article above
note--estrogen is more likely to cause blood clots

The manfacturing of a disease:

psoriatic arthritis


eye problems:

Functional medicine docs


Humira help:
also there is this that someone told me about:  applied on the Humira website for the Humira complete card and only have a monthly copay of $10 thanks to Humira. Maybe try that. It helps a lot! Better than the $4,500 the pharmacy wants for it without my insurance covering it!

Also if you ice the area before injecting it helps reduce the pain

support group:

also for   on CBD

for eye drops:

Acupuncture :

Remember this---doctors office can give you it apparently

30 minute helpful exercise video


hearing problems caused by this disease: .

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

a link to a good arthritis site      I couldn't pin the link so I am placing it here so I can have it on pinterest


also for

Here is a second one:

One person on facebook went off drugs and wrote this: My diet is actually a lifestyle change...I cut out gluten, processed foods, processed sugars, nightshade, red meat, I eat a lot of fruits nd veggies, juice a lot, I eat natural organic chicken with no hormones or antibiotics that's pasture fed nd raised, tuna, fresh caught fish, I drink 4 liters of alkaline water (fresh squeezed lemon water ) a day nd take supplements....I was once on 20 plus meds a day nd now take isn't for everyone nd.I deff respect that but I had some serious issues with meds...liver damage, cancer, hair loss, extreme fatigue, other auto immune diseases....